Andrew Preston

Scrambler 2012

Take that, Zynga

Find all possible words in a given scramble game.

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Javascript (with d3 visualizations)

Publons 2011 -

The Future of Academic Publishing

An attempt to decouple the peer-review system from journals by allowing academics to review, rate, and discuss any publication.

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Circa Diem About the Day

Android app

A home screen widget that displays your age in days, and suggests days of interest based on queries to my web service.

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Postdoc 2009 - 2011

Beamline scientist at Boston University

Spectroscopic techniques
X-ray absorption
Resonant x-ray emission
Angle-resolved photoemission
Beamline scientist
Maintained beamline X1B at the National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven National Lab
Managed and trained a small team of PhD students and postdocs

iProfit 2010

Online algorithmic arbitrage system

Traded profitably on iPredict for some time

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PhD 2006 - 2009

The Electronic Structure of the Rare-Earth Nitrides at Victoria University of Wellington

Crystal growth
Thermally evaporated epitaxy
Pulsed laser deposition
Electronic structure characterization
Resistivity, x-ray diffraction
Optical spectroscopy (Raman, elipsometry, FTIR, &c.)
Soft x-ray spectroscopy

GeoPicnic coming soon

Gourmet geocaching

The airbnb of geocaching. A market for locals to sell "premium" geocache-based adventures to travellers.

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